The Young Green Party is a non-profit organisation and relies on fundraising efforts by its members and the public to continue operating. As such, any donations are hugely appreciated as they allow the Young Greens to carry out their goals of developing a nation where environmental sustainability and social and economic justice are paramount.


 Your donations will go to a variety of causes which include

beach clean.jpg

Activism: The Young Greens are actively involved in a variety of activism related events. In recent history this has included:

  • Beach Clean-Ups around Killiney
  • Marching for the Repeal the 8th Campaign
  • Getting involved in the March for Science

Policy making: The Green Party relies heavily on it's members to help create and direct policy on a variety of different issues. Some policies that the Young Greens have been involved with forming include:

  • Reproductive Rights
  • Gender issues
  • Harm reduction strategies for drug abuse

Reporting of donations and donors

The Young Green Party keeps a record of the name and address of all donors. Donors who give more than €600 to the Young Green Party in one calendar year will have their details included in our annual donations statement. The Young Green Party may not, either directly or through an intermediary, accept a donation or donations with a value exceeding €2500 from the same donor in the same calendar year. Furthermore the Young Green Party only accept donations from indivuals who are either Irish citizens or Irish residents.