We regularly attend protests and marches such as Pride, March for Repeal and March for Science


Environmental Action

One will often see Young Greens at and running events like cleanups and nature walks. Environmental protection is a core concept of Green Politics.


Social Events

We often hold quizzes and other events to help support the party. We offer a plethora of events over freshers weeks and the likes.


Policy and Politics

Young Greens acts as the youth branch of Green Party - Comhaontas Glas. We are directly involved with shaping party policy and support the party during elections and their campaigns.

If you would like to become a member of the Young Greens please submit your details below (and confirm your email address by confirmation email) and we will send you information about when our next meeting is on. It is free to join the Young Green Party however

If you would like to become a member of the Green Party then please visit their website here.

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The Young Greens will not give your data to a 3rd party for any reason without the explicit consent of the user involved. Your privacy is paramount to us, as a consequence the Young Greens have made every effort to ensure your data is stored accurately and safely.